Bottle, bag and cup gardening progress (Tolledot)

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TOLLEDOT : bottle, bag and cup gardening progress

June 7, 2007

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Today, I received a very encouraging email from Joseph TOLLEDOT, with a series of new photos of his successful container gardening (in plastic bottles, bags and cups).

Some of his pictures can be seen on the Flickr page :

Here are the pictures with comments he has sent to me :

2007-06 Four peppers in one bottle (double click to enlarge the picture)

2007-06 “Four peppers in one bottle could have been too much, but they are now flowering and one pepper is visible.

2007-06 Lettuce in tray covered with a plastic sheet : the outer leaves were harvested twice and they kept growing well.

2007-06 Tomatoes in party cups (first row) and plastic bottles (second row), all growing well.

Strawberries, tomatoes and peppers
2007-06 Strawberries (first row) , peppers and tomatoes (second row) developing in different kinds of plastic containers (recycling plastic !).

Tomatoes 2007-06
2007-06 Joseph says : “First attempt at a self-watering container. It’s working very well so far – I can definitely notice a marked acceleration in the growing rate and stem thickness in just 3 days. The water wicks up very well and I have filled up twice is these 3 days

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