An underground vegetable garden, container gardens and bottle gardens (GardenDecorDen)

Today, I am reading an interesting comment of “GardenDecorDen”  on my former posting :

Bottle gardening – some experiments March 25, 2007

” I am “into” gardening and related things such as garden decor accessories.  My brother is building an underground house.  Perhaps we can combine our skills and passions and come up with something truly wonderful.  Let me explain.  In the areas that are totally underground, I can see the possibility of having an underground vegetable garden, a number of container gardens, and bottle gardens.  Consider this:  no matter now cold it gets, even with the heat totally turned off, it never gets below 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the underground areas—even in the coldest winters!  Add a little heat, an irrigation system (not hard to do since my brother had a well dug), some fluorescent lights, and an underground garden is a definite possibility.  And consider this:  since everything is underground, there is no need to build a 6-foot fence to keep the deer out, no need to be concerned with a “bug lights” to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects, or no need to devise a plan to get rid of the grasshoppers that eat everything.   Wow, what a neat thought!  Thanks for your post that has started the creative process and placed the what-if possibilities on over-drive!”


I am wishing you full success and hope you will send me some report with photos on the way you did it.


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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.

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