Gardening with Plastic Recycling (Google / Home Gardening Tips)

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Gardening with Plastic Recycling: Help Protect Your Environment

Green concern and environmental issues are gaining important worldwide. More and more people now understand that clean and safe environment is must for healthy living and gardeners around the world have also expressed their concern equally. Every one of us has to contribute in its own way and if you are an active gardener you also can contribute. There are several small steps that you can take to save the environment while gardening. One really important of these is to recycle and reuse plastic. There are so many ways you can do that. Here are just a few tips that would help you think in this direction and you will surely create your own innovative methods to recycle plastic.

Unwanted weed seeds if not kept aside could be damaging and contaminating for other plants and soil. Such type of weed seeds could better be placed inside a plastic bag. These plastic bags then could be left open in the direct sunlight exposure. Seeds would be cooked enough and any chance of regerminating would be diminished. Gardeners generally adopt this practice known as the “Solarisation“.

Plastic bags of different sizes can also be used for lining the terracotta pots. Such types of terracotta pots are quite porous and provide quick draining. Plastic lining in the pots will help retain water in sufficient quantity and will also help maintaining moisture.

There are different types of plastic containers and other objects which can be applied for various gardening purposes. For instance, the ‘take away food containers’ are far more suitable to be used in the bottom of pots prior to the planting. There are other plastic objects which would serve as water reservoirs for plants and pots. Plastic containers of different sizes would easily serve this purpose. It will ultimately keep your plants growing healthily also.

Gardening activities in your deck or balcony need an inclusion of water saving garden techniques. Sheets of industrial black plastic cut-pieces of plastic irrigation pipes can be easily re-used for various gardening purposes. A nice loop made of these plastic wastes can be made out for instance. Pieces of an inch long could be cut from waste polypipes and could be converted in to a clamp. These clamps when added to the plastic loops take a shape of typical reusable saucers and you can easily set your pot plants within these loops. You may also device several other innovative ideas like this and keep the environment safe.

Plastic plates, saucers, and other similar objects can also be used for gardening. Plants can be planted straight in to these objects. You only need to put right soil and mulch in order to create a beautiful small garden. Saucers and curved plastic plates are helpful in conserving water and also act as a means to protect decking boards from rotting.

Recycling and reusing plastic in various forms in to various gardening activities will ultimately express your environmental concerns. Lets us set example for others.

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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.

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