Container gardening in bottles (M.M. CROWN / i Village Garden Web)

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I found a discussion forum illustrated with very nice pictures.

Container gardening in bottles

Posted by georgeiii (My Page) on Mon, Jun 26, 06

How about growing all the veggies you want in just an 2’x4’x6′ space?

You can grow 80 plants in that space. Those beans won’t get lonely if you got 20 to choose from.

The frame holds 48 pods and 32 in trays…all in a 2’x4’x6′ area.

By the way…I used 32 oz cups with my uncut 2 liter bottles. They come with lids. I use a small soderling iron to cut a hole in the lids for outside hydroponic setups. The lid acts just like the curved lip. Keep the media level as close to the top as you can. That will keep your evaporation loss way down.

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