Guerrilla Gardening Secretly Greens New York (Google / Gothamist)

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June 3, 2008

Guerrilla Gardening Secretly Greens New York

The worldwide Guerrilla Gardening movement has been around in some form for quite a while, in New York the Green Guerillas even took over a vacant lot on Bowery in the 70s. Since then some residents of the city have been embracing the idea of secretly beautifying the landscape and beginning their own guerrilla groups here. There’s solo mission seed bombings and joining community tilling troupes like Bushwick’s Trees Not Trash…but what about the more “illicit cultivation,” the more underground nocturnal planting.

The New York section of the GG message board seems to be somewhat active as of late, with one entirely too short thread discussing where the most horticulturally neglected places in the city are. Some locales brought up were the US Passport Office on Varick St, a lot where the Q/B crosses the grid between Woodruff and Crooke Aves, and East New York. What other major (and minor) patches of land or lots need to be greened? Maybe the plant-barren Williamsburg State Park could use some guerrilla interest.


Guerrilla Garden in Red Hook, circa 2006, via Apartment Therapy.

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