More Seattleites taking up gardening (Google / King5)

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More Seattleites taking up gardening

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


SEATTLE – Your grandparents probably had a garden, but many of us have gotten away from digging in the dirt to plant veggies. But it appears times are a-changing. Area gardening experts say they are welcoming a lot of new gardeners into the fold. There are many reasons people are getting back to basics, but a big one is a desire to cut their grocery bill. Lisa Taylor is in high demand, teaching kids and their parents about gardening at Seattle Tilth. “More and more people are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables at home,” said Taylor.

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Many area garden experts have seen a marked increase in new gardeners prompted by prices at the grocery store.

“Food prices are going way up and I think there’s a notion that people want to know what they’re eating and I think they’re realizing that some of the best things they can eat, they can grow right outside their back door,” said Taylor.


Seattle Tilth recognizes that many people don’t know how to garden. They have a hotline where you can call and get answers to your questions: (206) 633-0224.

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