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Container Gardening: The Benefits are Hard to Beat

by Sarah Duke

There are many benefits to getting involved in container gardening. With all the great advantages, it’s amazing that there aren’t more people involved in it. Saving space is the greatest benefit of container gardening. Many people live in apartments or in homes with very little yard space. Container gardening allows you to have a garden on a porch or patio, or even indoors. Think of the possibilities of having a container garden in your kitchen or an extra bedroom. Others utilize a closet space to grow plants by using a grow light.

Another major benefit of container gardening is the ability to move plants if you need to. If you’re growing your plants outdoors and bad weather comes, you can bring your plants inside where they’ll be safe. If your plants are getting too little sun or too much, you can easily move their containers to a better location. And you can even move your plants on a whim if you decide they’d look better elsewhere.

Most of the time plants that are grown in containers have fewer problems with diseases than plants in traditional gardens. While diseases can arise, it is less likely to occur when your plants are grown in containers. Most of the time the potting soil that you use for your plants doesn’t have any organisms that can cause diseases, so your plants are less likely to be damaged.

Keeping your plants well-fed is also easier when they’re grown in containers. It’s much easier to ensure the fertilizer you use gets to your plants if they’re confined to a small area of soil. When you fertilize plants that are growing directly in the soil, the fertilizer may drain away or be absorbed by other nearby plants. This is not as likely when plants are grown in containers.

Since your plants are in such a small area, the fertilizer may be washed away quickly. This means that you should take the time to fertilize the plants more often than plants that are in traditional gardens. However, usually you’ll find that plants get more fertilizer even though it washes away quickly than they would if you had them in a traditional garden.

When you grow your plants in containers, you’ll also be able to extend their growing season. By carefully insulating pots by wrapping them in blankets or other insulating materials, you can keep their soil warmer than the ground soil. You can start your plants early indoors or in a cold frame, then you can easily move them to larger pots outdoors when the time is right.

You can also use careful insulation to continue to grow plants after the first frost, and you can even bring plants indoors once it becomes too cold to keep them outside even if insulated.

One of the biggest benefits of growing your plants in containers is the fact that it makes gardening accessible to almost anyone.


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