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Tips for a Successful Container Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables doesn’t have to be limited to homeowners who are fortunate enough to possess a large, sprawling plot of land. You can enjoy homegrown produce if you live in a townhouse, condominium or high rise in the heart of the city. A container vegetable garden is an easy way to enjoy your green thumb and fresh veggies no matter where you live. However, before you run out to the nursery to purchase seeds and containers, there are a few things you need to know about how to make a container vegetable garden a success.

Choosing your Location

Sunlight is important for the growth of any plant, and this goes for your container vegetables as well. Most crops will require at least five hours of direct sunlight a day, so make sure your patio or balcony can accommodate these needs. It’s also a good idea to choose a spot that has some shelter from the wind, since harsh gusts can snap off delicate new plants and dry out the soil very quickly. Once you have found the perfect spot, it’s time to select a container or two.

Selecting Containers

The first consideration in selecting pots for a container vegetables is size. While some crops such as onions and herbs will grow well in shallow containers, most plants do best in at least a five gallon pot. You’re not limited to traditional flower pots either. Check out the variety of buckets, bushel pails, wooden boxes and window boxes that are available. Make sure your container is manufactured from non-toxic materials and will provide sufficient drainage for your plants.

Preparing the Soil

Good soil and regular feedings are essential for container vegetable gardens, since they won’t be able to get nutrients from the ground. Peat-based synthetic mixes are generally the best choice for this style of gardening and you can find an excellent variety of commercial products designed for this purpose at your local nursery or garden center.


With a container vegetable garden, you can indulge in this hobby no matter where you live.

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