Backyard garden makes big comeback (Google / Glasgow Daily Times)

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Backyard garden makes big comeback

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW The high price of food and the sluggish economy have many wondering if the backyard garden is making a comeback. In southcentral Kentucky, all the arrows are pointing to “yes.” The trend of home gardening, once thought of as dead, is truly blossoming again. “The sale of vegetable seeds are up significantly,” Steve Robertson of Glasgow’s Southern States said. “Vegetable slips and plants are on the rise, too.” It’s Robertson’s opinion that more people are planting gardens of their own. Metcalfe’s Extension Service joined forces with Community Action in order to help teach green gardeners the tricks of the trade.

“When we give out the seed vouchers, we sometimes find out what the needs are and offer growing and preservation classes,” Leslie Talley of Community Action of Southern Kentucky said. Timely topics like container gardening and small space gardening are amongst the interests discussed.

“We have a follow-up later in the year to see how much they have saved and we talk about ways to better utilize the money they saved by gardening to offset the higher cost of living.”

This year, 660 vouchers were made available to the region and 658 were utilized.

Those who have gardened in the past are looking at their garden in a whole new way.

Gene and Connie Avery have always been avid gardeners, but the state of the economy prompted them to make the most of this summer’s growing season.

“This year we moved the garden and expanded it,” Connie Avery said. “We’ve always liked to garden but we feel it is more important now.”

The Averys’ garden not only helps provide for the family during the harvest season, but the couple hopes to reap continual benefits in the coming months.

“We plan to preserve whatever we can and get whatever we can out of it,” Connie Avery said.

The Averys say that taking matters into their own hands gives them peace of mind and a sense of control and stability in hard times.


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