24 container gardening sites (Google / MavicaNET)

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24 container gardening sites

Urban Garden  – English
URL: http://www.urbangarden.com/

Reference for container gardening in the city (zone 8). Photos and journal entries.

All About Planters – English
URL: http://www.all-about-planters.com/

Selecting, maintaining and planting all types of outdoor planters for container gardening for your patio, balcony or garden landscape.

VCE Information Resources Menu – English
URL: http://www.ext.vt.edu/resources/

Virginia Cooperative Extension responds to the needs of individuals, families, groups and organizations with educational programs in the four broad areas of agriculture and natural resources, family and community sciences, food, nutrition, and health, and 4-H youth development. Citizens of Virginia can participate in our programs through their local Extension office.

Butterfly Gardening in Containers – English
URL: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/county/smith/tips/flowers/bflygdn.html

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Short article by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

African Violet Pots – English
URL: http://www.africanvioletpots.com/

The best self watering African violet pots.

Happyroots – English
URL: http://www.happyroots.com/

Plastic saucers with internal risers.

Bracketmaster – English
URL: http://www.bracketmaster.com.au/

Screwless brick wall bracket system.

Aesthetic Planter Boxes – English
URL: http://planter-boxes.com/

Recycled plastic planter and window boxes.

Artesian Designs – English
URL: http://artesiandesigns.com/

Decorative indoor hydroponic or self watering pots and planters.

Gardensock – English
URL: http://www.gardensock.com/

The world’s most unique hanging planter.

Mossy Products – English
URL: http://www.mossyproducts.com/

The Sphagnum moss planter.


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