Container Gardens (Danny Lipford)

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Container Gardens

Egg Planting

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Gardening Basics Published 03/07/2007 by Tricia Craven Worley

Starting your own plants from seed is a great idea and here’s a trick for simplifying the process of transplanting them to the garden. Save your old eggshells and situate the empty half shells in an egg carton.

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Painting Clay Pots

Video, Lawn and Garden, Painting, Container Gardens, Houseplants Published 12/12/2006 by Danny Lipford

For a quick and easy way to paint clay pots give them a spin! Before you begin, you’ll need to cut a wooden disk with a hole saw. Place a carriage bolt in a drill (one with a speed adjustment knob works best) and attach the wooden disk on top of the bolt.

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Humidity Helper

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Gardening Basics, Houseplants Published 12/02/2006 by Danny Lipford

A good way to increase humidity around potted seedlings is to set a couple of seedling pots in a larger container of pebbles. The pebbles should be about fingernail size, and there should be just a small amount of water in the pebble container- enough to create humid conditions but not enough to touch the bottom of the pots.

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Plant with Care

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Gardening Basics Published 11/23/2006 by Danny Lipford

Helping your plants make the transition from the pots or containers you buy them in to the garden is an important step to developing a healthy landscape. Begin by digging a hole large enough to accommodate the plant, its root ball and some additional material.

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Mossy Pots

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Houseplants Published 11/07/2006 by Danny Lipford

Moss covered planting pots can give your garden an old world charm. But if you live in a dry climate you may be out of luck. Here’s a trick to help out Mother Nature.

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Soda Bottle Seed Starter

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Gardening Basics Published 07/21/2006 by Danny Lipford

Looking for a place to start your seeds? How about in 2-liter plastic bottles? To keep the roots from being exposed to direct sunlight use colored bottles. Measure up 6-inches from the bottom of a 2-liter bottle and make a mark.

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Patio Table Planter

Video, Lawn and Garden, Container Gardens, Furniture & Accessories Published 07/02/2006 by Danny Lipford

Take an old angel food cake pan and cut it about an inch from the top of the center tube and rolled edges. Slip the umbrella pole of your patio table through the angel food cake pan. The container can then be filled with fresh plants.

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