Einstein had an allotment garden ! (W. Goethals / Backreaction)

My friend Willy GOETHALS, President of the Slotenkouter Allotment Gardens of ST; AMANDSBERG (Belgium), sent a message read at :


Einstein’s Garden

By Stefan and Bee on Friday, May 04, 2007

“Is this some kind of slum, or what are these little shacks at the outskirts of Frankfurt? Are people living there?”

That’s what an American postdoc asked Stefan last week when discussing the best way to ride from downtown Frankfurt to the physics institute by bicycle. Along this route one passes many of these colonies.

During summertime some people may actually live there, but these huts and gardens are definitely not slums. They are allotment gardens, also Kleingärten (small gardens), or Schrebergärten, as they are called in German, after physician and social reformer Daniel Schreber.


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Willem Van Cotthem

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