Dryland Gardening is Focus of New Book (Google / PR-Canada)

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Dryland Gardening is Focus of New Book

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Sunday, 05 October 2008
Low-Water Gardening—It’s Not All Cactus And Palms.

Creating gardens in the desert landscape of the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area can be trying. Wind, heat, sand, and a dozen other factors must be considered, and then solved or mitigated, before plants will grow. While milder parts of California grow gardens so easily that books are hardly needed, low desert gardening is a whole new world where residents need help, and lots of it.

In a new book from Sunbelt Publications, Palm Springs-Style Gardening, desert gardening guru Maureen Gilmer shows how outdoor desert gardens may be designed to enhance the appeal of many diverse architectural styles. By choosing plants naturally adapted to the climate—whether natives or plants from faraway desert regions of Africa, Australia, Mexico, or South America—the homeowner is freed from a demanding maintenance regime, and reduces the use of that ever-scarce resource, water. The book’s lush pages reveal a wide variety of desert plants that shower the landscape in candy-bright blossoms, interesting textures, and sculptural forms.

But don’t let the title fool you—Palm Springs-Style Gardening provides a valuable resource for dryland gardeners everywhere, particularly the often-ignored regions of southern Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas, as well as parts of the southern Rockies and Nevada. Because it offers a unique blend of succulent plants tolerant of high heat plus and desert adapted trees, shrubs and perennials, the book brings these often overlooked species to communities desperately in need of new plant material better adapted to these trying conditions.

Appearing weekly as the “gardening guru” on KMIR Ch. 6, NBC Palm Springs, the author is one of California’s leading horticultural experts. Ms. Gilmer has a nationally syndicated column “Yard Smart”, and contributes frequently to major magazines. She currently lives in Palm Springs with her husband, Jim.

Titile: Palm Springs-Style Gardening: The Complete Guide to Plants & Practices for Gorgeous Dryland Gardens
Author: Maureen Gilmer
Specs, ISBN, & Price: 10” x 9”, paperback,160 pages, 978-0-932653-89-5, $24.95
Publication Date: December 2008

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1256 Fayette Street El Cajon, CA 92020
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