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Home grown: Square Foot Gardening for lettuce, cabbage

by Suzanne Griffith

Increased access to the wealth of information on the Internet has no doubt served as a contributing factor in the resurgence of the kitchen garden. By the same token too, much information can simply become overwhelming. For example, a basic Internet search using the terms “kitchen gardening planting techniques” yields an incredible 456 000 results. This can only leave you thinking: “Where do I begin? Which method do I choose? Which method is best?” If the Internet is your resource of choice, my experience has been that you are best served by keeping it simple; select three core resources: Seek out an online community or forum of like-minded gardeners. An online community such as GardenWeb.com gives you the opportunity to discuss, celebrate, and commiserate the trials and tribulations of gardening with your fellow gardeners.

Find the website or blog of a gardener or group of gardeners that serves as an inspiration to you and for your garden. My favourite is PathToFreedom.com, the website of a family in Pasadena, California, that has through gardening transformed their yard and their lives.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, select a guide. One of the most widely regarded methods for planting raised garden beds is called Square Foot Gardening, or SFG for short. SFG makes several attractive promises: reduction of weeds and pestilence, water conservation through concentrated watering, and high yields in limited spaces.


Find out more about Square Foot Gardening at: SquareFootGardening.com


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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.