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December 2008 Newsletter

This newsletter is produced to keep you in the loop and highlight any new features, developments and tidbits that may have occurred over the past month.

Blotanical is a place to explore, engage and interact with other gardeners who wish to share their journey with other like-minded garden lovers.

Features – New and Coming Up
Here are the features that I’m currently working on and in the order in which they shall be released;
1. Join Blotanical Page – This is the most immediate need as we make it easier for others to join the Blotanical community. The completion of this project will also make it easier to submit more than one blog.
2. Twitter Picks – This has been touted with the advent of the new Blotanical Username process. It still requires a few tweaks but is almost ready to roll out. You will be able to Tweet from within Blotanical and limit your Twitter timeline to Blotanists you’ve faved along the way. Plus, you will also be able to vote for Tweets (I’m expecting this will be more of a fun exercise than actually voting)
3. Reviews – Reviews have sitting in the shadows for some time but the first of them I hope to release by the end of January 2009. Stay tuned for more details on this…
4. Second Phase Blotanical Usernames – Blotanical usernames are still being updated and the second phase will occur once most of the updates are complete. This next phase will make the usernames the only ones that will show within Blotanical and make it easier to know who you are visiting or talking to.
5. Awards Page – Since thinking through how the awards will happen within Blotanical I’ve had a change of direction. These awards will become a real Brag Page for Blotanists that you can link to from within your blogs, Tweets or forum posts.
6. Blotanist Photo Gallery – You will soon be able to store images of your garden from within Blotanical where others can view them in your Plot. This will make it easier, especially for Blotanists who don’t blog, to share their gardening world. Stay tuned…

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Willem Van Cotthem

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