No Dig Denver Vegetable Garden (Google / Examiner)

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No Dig Denver Vegetable Garden

The no dig vegetable garden is a low maintenance option for busy Denver homeowners. There is no tilling necessary in a no dig garden. Weeds are also kept to a minimum. The principle of the no dig garden is to layer naturally composting ingredients in a raised bed. The garden is then topped with natural mulch.

Plant seedlings by clearing a circle of mulch and digging a small trowel hole. Once the vegetable seedling is in place, the mulch is spread so that just the leaves of the plant show. The no dig vegetable garden is an excellent option for the Denver garden. The naturally composting soil is far superior to Denver clay soil and the mulch provides water retention.

Start by using recycled logs or lumber to border the Denver no dig garden. Depth should be at least 6-8 inches. Cover the ground inside the Denver no dig garden with cardboard or newspaper. Cardboard is a superior weed block. It’s thicker and takes longer to degrade. Soak the weed block layer thoroughly with water.

Next comes a layer of cow or sheep manure. The layer should be about an inch thick. Take care not to use peat mixes if you plan on planting hot peppers in your Denver no dig garden. Peat and hot peppers do not get along. This layer should also receive a good soaking.


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Author: Jaipi Sixbear

Jaipi Sixbear is an Examiner from Denver. You can see Jaipi’s articles on Jaipi’s Home Page.


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