Gardening with abandon: the Belgian Waffle guide (Google / Belgian Waffling)

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Gardening with abandon: the Belgian Waffle guide

I am often asked by noone at all how I get the Waffle garden looking so marvellously lush and elegant. Given that we all need a little escapism, something aspirational now and then, I thought a spot of learned gardening advice would be just the ticket. You too can achieve this look, with a little savoir faire and a light smattering of Happy Meal toys.

To be a successful gardener, you need a little daring. Not everyone would think that a large grey doormat, some wet dog cleaning rags, a sock, a variety of discarded receptacles, a sword and a Pokemon card would make a charming tableaux with this iconic green plastic bench, but taken as an ensemble, I feel they really work.

If we drill down to the detail here, you’ll see that by combining that dead leaf, sock and playdoh container on the dark background, the colours of those highligh objects really pop.

I’ve also found that an inexplicable pile of rotting wood makes for a good focal point, drawing the eye to the dog shit strewn pebbles.

Gardeners with dogs would do well to follow our example. Firstly, painstakingly construct a fenced off corner for your dog.

(If by some mysterious alchemy this causes your new tree to die, do not despair. Dead trees are very this season. )

When your dog whimpers with terror whenever you approach the fenced off area and refuses to enter it, give up entirely and allow it to pee all over the lawn, creating a delightful chiaroscura effect comme ceci:

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