Brasil : CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER: COMMUNITY GARDENS (H. D. TEMP, Organização Cidades sem Fome)

Dear Sirs,

The purpose of our contact is requesting your authorization so that we may send you information on a social inclusion project carried out in impoverished outskirts of Brazilian metropolises named


This project targets the utilization of unused public or private urban land on which vegetable and fruit gardens are implemented by a local population, with a view to providing destitute communities with work opportunities, professional capacity building and income generation through the selling of the produce harvested. Additionally, it aims at combating malnutrition and improving the quality of life of such communities through their access to healthy and nutritional foods, in addition to promoting the communities‚ environmental improvement.

The Organization Cities without Hunger pursues, both in the national and international ambits, resources to develop its projects, from the private sector, government agencies and foster agencies associated with consulates and embassies. The Organization Cities without Hunger has no political partisan or religious ties. Thus, we would appreciate your studying the feasibility of sponsoring or financially supporting our project.

For further information, please visit our home page at
where the project is described in detail.

We are very grateful for your interest in a project that has been helping poor communities to raise their food security levels and living conditions.

Yours faithfully,

Hans Dieter Temp
Project Coordinator
Organização Cidades sem Fome

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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.