A helping hand for container gardening in Malawi (Patrick Harry DIMUSA)

Here is Patrick’s message :

“Dear Professor Willem,

On behalf of THE FUTURE OF MALAWI (FOM) I’m looking for support from wellwishers to support us in our container gardening project, both materially and financially. The objective of our development project is to combat hunger, poverty and desertification in Malawi. This is an excellent project for Malawi becuase it is very cheap project to start it up, as we use empty bottles, containers and plastic bags. Even most of the seeds of vegetables and fruits can be obtained for free.

FOM is non profit making organisation situated in Piyasani village to the west of Lilongwe City. The organisation is not yet registered due to lack of funds, but plans are there to get it registered if wellwishers will support it.

The main aim of asking for some funds is to purchase a piece of land for the project where we will construct an office and a demonstration (education) centre.

In fact,  “Container Gardening” is a totally new project for Malawi. We started it in 2007 after my three month study-tour to Belgium. I  was lucky to meet Professor Willem VAN COTTHEM at his home. He introduced me to the technique of container gardening. After returning to Malawi I started the container gardening project from zero through the organisation FUTURE OF MALAWI (FOM), which I formed founded in my home village.

From 2007, the project has been running on my own funds generated through my part-time journalism work. But my funds were not big enough to make the project achieve its targets and this is why I am looking for your support.

In two years time the project has achieved the following :

1. Engagement in reafforesation project.
2. Formation of a children’s football club as one way of encouraging the kids to take part in the project
3. Teaching the children on the production of vegetables and tree seedlings in containers.

The advantage of all those who will support are as follows:

1. They become members of the project.
2. They will take part in several activities.
3. They will receive reports and a free on-line newsletter on the project.
4. They will receive online chichewa lessons, a local language in Malawi
and many more other benefits.

I am looking forward to your support.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Harry Dimusa
Director and founder of FOM

My postal address is MARTHA HARRY, c/o Patrick Young, Theatre for Change, British Council, P B BOX 30222, LILONGWE, MALAWI.


Published by

Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.