Vegetable Gardening Tips That Help Us Grow More (Google / Backyard Gardening Tips)

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Vegetable Gardening Tips That Help Us Grow More

My wife and I have found that it doesn’t matter whether we do our gardening directly in the ground, using raised beds or even using containers there are a few vegetable gardening tips that save us time and were easy to implement.

Here is what our garden area looked like before we put a little work into it and started our first vegetable garden.

Vegetable Gardening Tips

When my wife and I started our vegetable garden we were pretty green.

Our first decision was where to put our veggie garden. I wasn’t even concerned with the size, other than it was going to be very small. I guess it was more of a test to see if we could really do it.

Tip One: Location, Location, Location

Yeah location, it’s about real estate, the best real estate for our garden was going to be where the best sunlight was.

I was fortunate to learn this lesson before we ever started our garden. I started with planting a few raspberry plants along the side of our garage. Well it took me a while to clue in but the further summer moved forward the more in the shade our raspberry plants were.

I am digging them up and moving them to the other side of the garage now.

That lesson was easy to learn and now I try to think ahead.

Note: If you choose container gardening you can move your containers around if you start right and don’t go with huge container that are going to stay in one spot.

The only spot that we had available in our backyard was a really low spot. And we got a lot of rain that really tested the drainage. It was actually a record rain fall in our New Brunswick city.

When planning your location you want to take into account any trees or buildings that would over-shadow your garden as summer moves on. That is what limited our choices.

Tip Two: Prepare Your Soil For Proper Drainage

This was the second problem we had to over come. Like I said the area we chose is like a pond in the spring but we did a pretty good job preparing the soil with peatmoss and fresh top soil.

Each year we will add more top soil and peatmoss until we increase the height of our garden. It started out as a raised bed but with all the rain and settling it is now almost back to the level it started at.

We are actually thinking of getting a truck load of top soil specifically for the garden, just to raise that part of the yard.


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Willem Van Cotthem

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