Container gardening: a magnificent tool to combat hunger, poverty and desertification (Patrick Harry)

In his container gardening survey (2010) Patrick HARRY describes the important role of this gardening type in the combat of desertification, hunger and poverty in Malawi (see one of the former postings this month on the desertification blog:

2010-02 – Thanks to free seeds, provided by Prof. Willem Van Cotthem’s action “Seeds for Food”, Patrick HARRY and his group of youngsters are now able to grow their own melons. (Photo Patrick HARRY)

This week we received some additional nice photos, showing successes booked when  growing melons and pumpkins in costless plastic containers (bottles or plastic bags that otherwise would be littered).  Seeds of vegetables and tropical fruits were sent to Patrick through our action “Seeds for Food” (see

2010-02 – Under extremely dry conditions in Malawi, remarkable successes are booked with container gardening. These well growing pumpkins are obtained from seeds received via the “Seeds for Food”-action (Photo Patrick HARRY).

Patrick is really the founder of container gardening in Malawi.  He deserves our full support and that of his Government and Aid Organizations.


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Willem Van Cotthem

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