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Japanese Ministry of Merchandize and Industry recognizes this

New model of Urban Farming

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Recognizing Pasona

By Yushi Uehara
Story via Unknown Urbanity
Posted Oct. 19, 2010
Story seems to be from March 2010. Mike

The Japanese Ministry of Merchandize and Industry recognized this new model of Urban Farming initiated by PASONA as the way to produce work in the metropolis, and it eyes to reduce climate responsible functions by reducing CO2. The idea is to produce foods for lunch. The project was launched in the presence of the former first lady of Japan and ex-local governor.

In the entry hall of the Japanese Ministry of Merchandize and Industry there is also an ‘out of the box’ machine that produces vegetables in an office building. This type is called; “Autonomous Closed Box” that allows this box to be placed anywhere where you have water and electricity.

By this is it as if the triangle of Actor-Capital-Authority seems to be engaged. The question naturally is how real this will become.



Opened a headquarters office on the theme of harmony with nature Otemachi, Chiyoda major staffing Pasona Group.

Office building was built at the refurbished former Daiwa Securities, which was completed in 1957, nine-story factories and plants are provided on each floor, has been growing flowers and vegetables. In addition to producing three million shares of vegetables consumed in one year by approximately 2,000 employees working in the building, which absorbs about 2 tons of carbon dioxide per year for a green roof and wall. … the Ministry of the “pilot project Kurushiti central urban area” has been certified.

Today in a paddy rice planting ceremony held in the building, as well as local children, Chiyoda-ku, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister Hatoyama Yuki and his wife, also in attendance was chairman of the House of Councilors Satsuki Eda. Mrs Prime Minister Hatoyama Yuki is “so happy I grow vegetables in this environment and rice. I look forward to the future, when the harvest is reaped.

Eco-friendly initiatives in agriculture in an office in the city.


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