Food Safety Regulations: Intended quicksand for sustainable agriculture (Food for Freedom)

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FDA Says Seeds Are Food, and Potential Deadly Agents of Bioterrorism

Given the deluge of deceptive propaganda supporting passage of S 510, the Food ‘Safety’ Modernization Act, we feel it necessary to reproduce articles warning about the dangers of such legislation. The following 2009 article discusses the implications of a speech given by FDA Commissioner Lester M. Crawford in 2004 regarding seeds.  ~Ed.

Food Safety Regulations: Intended quicksand for sustainable agriculture
By Linn Cohen-Cole
January 8, 2009

Hidden inside regulations that are not voted on by any legislators representing the public are massive bars to all involvement in farming by small farmers.  The monopolistic, unconstitutional, destructive reality of those regulations appear obvious when time is taken to look carefully.

Monsanto runs the American Seed Trade Association which has influenced the FDA to implement regulations governing seeds that MASSIVELY control importation and limit who can provide them nationally.

The following is excerpted from a speech before the American Seed Trade Association and the American Organization of Seed Certifying Agencies at their Joint Annual Convention.  Remarks are by Lester M. Crawford, the Acting Commissioner of the FDA.  June 29, 2004:



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