Getting Your Seedlings Ready To Plant (Marty WARE)

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Wow, I must say I am really stoked to be able to help you all grow healthy nutritious food at home.

Today our topic is Getting Your Seedlings Ready To Plant!

Once you have raised your seedlings or purchased them it may be time to plant them or pot them on (re-pot)

Make sure you always use a premium potting mix, preferably organic.
You may also choose to use a potting mix that contains water crystals to hold more moisture in the container.
Containers can dry out very fast in hot conditions.

They second factor is try to use pots that are long and narrow. This gives the plant a nice long root and will help it establish better once you plant it out into the veggie patch.

If you are planting into containers use a large container suitable to the plant and place a large tray underneath.
Also mix a small amount of fertilizer through the medium.
Follow instructions on the box!

Tip: Go for water tray the next size up. This way you can see how much water is in the tray. It’s also helpful if you are growing on a veranda (apartments). This way water won’t spill over onto the neighbor below.

When transplanting keep the seedlings and roots out of the sun.
Keep as much soil on the roots as possible.
Keep the root nice and straight.
Throw away any seedlings with roots bending back up, these guys will not produce much and will stunt.

That’s it for the moment my friends.
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Getting your garden patch ready!

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