Fresh Food and its benefits (Marty WARE)

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By Tony Boutros ND /Nutritionist

In a world of fast food, refined food, stored food, leftover food, dead food, junk food and whatever you want to call food.

Wouldn’t it be nice and refreshing to have fresh food on hand all year round?? Well, of course it would.The benefits are outstanding,especially when the soil is mineral rich.

When we eat fresh food from the organic markets or, preferably from our gardens,the food is still alive and has many or all the valuable nutrients our body needs for survival and vibrant health,depending on the quality of the soil.

When food is picked, it begins to lose its nutrients, and if it’s picked green or unripe as most of our supermarket food is, there is practically no Vitamin C in it, also if the food is stored, as most of our food is, well whats left??

Hardly any nutrients, so you see the major benefits of eating from the garden to the table and grown in mineral rich soil, your food will be bursting with nutrients, minerals are the spark of life and there is super minerals called ORMUS, you can spray on your plants or put in the soil or even just take a few drops per day, no minerals, no life, these are the very minerals that protect our DNA and can prevent some of our major degenerative diseases.

Our body is an amazing bit of machinery ,it was designed to repair itself if given the right nutrients, and it does that wonderfully with home grown,mineral rich food.

What happens if we put the wrong fuel in our car?? Guess what?? It will break down,same with our body.

There is an overwhelming increase in chronic degenerative disease and most of this can be prevented through good nutrition,lets become part of this growing group of people who want to be vibrant and young again,begin today,EAT FRESH, it will save your life

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