Why organic or Home grown? (Marty WARE / Tony BOUTROS)

By Tony Boutros ND /Nutritionist

2009 food testing report: — 80 countries were involved — a brix reading was used to check nutrients of food — 12% was classed as normal —18% very good–out of the 80 countries, the average reading was 1.5%—Australia was 2.5%, way below average.

In 1950 —food at Brisbane markets was tested for nutrients, 90% of the nutrients were still found to be in the food.

In 1990 — the same test at the same place, Brisbane markets, only 10% of nutrients were found in our food. Our modern day farming methods are destroying our health and our family’s health.
Pesticides in our food–93% of oranges have been shown to have chemical residue–Cereals,35%—potatoes 55%– cereal bars 71%–83% of oily fish–bread 78%– apples 78% and it goes on.

These chemicals are causing all kinds of chronic degenerative disease, including cancers, hormone imbalance, PMS, infertility, impotency, mental disease, chronic fatigue and so many more.

Is there an answer?? Of course there is!!!

The safest way to prevent disease and protect your family from this scourge is to grow your own food. By doing that you will get the nutrients many are missing today.Again, I say the secret is to build up the soil with super minerals /ORMUS,these were the activated minerals that were in the soil 4000-6000 years ago–Remember,no minerals=no health.

When you grow your food in mineral rich soil, there will be no disease in the plants and no bugs, and when eaten fresh, all the nutrients are absorbed, wouldn’t that be a refreshing changes to absorb the nutrients in our food?

You will get your full range of nutrients,when you have all the different coloured fuits,vegetables, wholegrains ,legumes, seeds and nuts—
these will contain all the vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, fatty acids,proteins,these nutrients help keep the DNA together.

Watch your health improve as you eat pure, fresh, mineral rich food.

For details about Ormus and other health information go to http://www.lifestreamhealth.com.au

Our Next part will be on, Fresh food v supplements–until then, Health & Joy

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