Growing Capsicum in Containers (Marty WARE / Potted Vegetable Garden)

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Growing Capsicum in containers is very similar to growing the old trusty tomato.  They love full sun, need staking or some type of support, and feed on similar nutrients. They are not compatible in the same container though as there would be just too much competition between them, putting these two plants together would do more harm than good.  Why?  Because they both would be competing for light, and vital nutrients.

Fertilizing Your Friend The Capsicum

Growing Capsicum in containers can be very rewarding for you and all your family, but it will need certain elements to produce those wonderful fruits.

In the beginning stages it is highly recommended to feed with a nitrogen based fertilizer to produce lovely leaf growth then as you want the plant to start flowering start fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer that induces flowering.

Tomato based fertilizers work great, so you can share this amongst your plants.  Preferably use an organic fertilizer such as Fish emulsion and seaweed extract.   You can buy this at your local supermarket or nursery already mixed together.   I prefer the well know brand Seasol.

Another way to get around this is by purchasing a pellet fertilizer with a mixture of manure, seaweed and fish emulsion for optimum results.
Or do what I do and use them all together!  Fertilize with the liquid fertilizer once a fortnight and sprinkle on a small amount of pellet fertilizer approximately every six weeks.
When growing Capsicum in containers be careful not to over fertilize with the pellets to avoid root burn.



The Best Conditions For Capsicum Plants


Growing Capsicums In Containers Tips

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