New urban farming programme transforming the lives of thousands (City Farmer News / Business Daily)

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New farming programme in Kenya transforms slum dwellers’ lives

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Prisoners in Mombasa tend vegetables grown in sacks, a new technology that is gaining acceptance among Nairobi’s slum dwellers.
A sack containing vegetables such as sukuma wiki (kale), spinach and capsicum can feed one household for at least two months
published in Business Daily
By Bob Koigi
Business Daily Africa
January 11, 2011
Nairobi’s slum dwellers suffer some of the poorest nutrition of all Kenyans according to recent surveys by the World Food Programme, eking out an existence on typically less than a dollar a day, and with scant means of earning any better livelihood: until the arrival of a new urban farming programme that is now transforming the lives of thousands.

The novel scheme, run by Italian NGO COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale, is built to begin each family that joins the scheme on a new path of food self sufficiency and higher earnings.

The farming itself is done in a sack. COOPI insists that families must form themselves into groups to join the scheme.


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