Friends of Container Gardening Project in Malawi (Sandie ROACH, Perth)

A message from Sandie ROACH (Perth, Western Australia):

Please feel welcome to join our dynamic group ‘Friends of Container Gardening Project in Malawi’

2011-01-25 Patrick HARRY in his self-built plastic greenhouse, seemingly happy with the result of his Container Gardening project. Thanks to the "FRIENDS OF CONTAINER GARDENING PROJECT IN MALAWI" this dynamic young man gets more and more opportunities to motivate and train youngsters on their way to food self-sufficiency. Success, Patrick !


Container Gardening project founder and Coordinator, Patrick Harry at the project site, 2010, Piyasani village, Lilongwe, Malawi.


Container gardening project in Malawi started in 2007 by Patrick Harry, a young Malawian who studied in Mechelen, Belgium. He was trained in the initiative by Prof. Willem Van Cotthem of Belgium.

Despite several challenges the project has been facing, the project is still going on and is helping to educate children in Container Gardening as one way of making sure that the future generation is free from hunger, malnutrition, poverty and desertification.

PROJECT SITE : Piyasani village, T/A Njewa in Lilongwe.

PROJECT GOAL : To help uplift livelihood of people who are hardly stricken by poverty through a cheap kind of gardening.



-To combat hunger and malnutrition

-To combat poverty

-To combat desertification

-To offer free Container Gardening education to children



-Container gardening education

-Public awareness, information and communication

-Video shows on environmental films to children

-Organize debates or talks

-Encourage formation of Container Gardening children clubs

-Local and international volunteer program introduction

-Partnership establishment with government, NGO`s and individuals

-Container Gardening articles publication in electronic and print media

-Books publications on Container Gardening project

-Seed and useless container collection

-Establishment of village woodlots plus vineyards

-Project fundraising activities



In 2011, with all the young members of our project, we will concentrate on combating hunger and malnutrition with container gardening, growing a lot of vegetables and seedlings of fruit trees, which will be donated to the poorest kids in the village and the surrounding area to alleviate the malnutrition of children.

Secondly, we developed plans to construct an “Education Centre” in Lilongwe, which will act as headquarter of the Youth Container Gardening Project. Therefore, we are hoping that you will help us in sourcing some funds, especially for the construction of this Education Centre, possibly a centre of attraction throughout Malawi, South and Central Africa.

There the project is inviting all friends of Container Gardening project in Malawi plus all interested parties to donate every little contribution to the project.



-You can grow a lot on a small space, so you don`t have to worry about space.

-You can harvest a lot on a small space

-It helps to clean the environment from garbage

– It helps to combat hunger and malnutrition through vegetables and fruit trees production

-It helps to combat poverty through sales of Container Gardening tree seedlings and vegetables

-It helps to combat desertification through reforestation program

-It is cheap and anyone can afford it as most material used can be obtained for free.



-Hunger and malnutrition to be minimized

-Poverty to be minimized

-Desertification to be minimized

-The future generation to be equipped with Container Gardening knowledge


For further information please contact:


Patrick Harry

C/O Martha Harry

Theatre for Change

P.O.BOX 30222

Lilongwe 3



CELL: 0881496755.



Piyasani Village

T/A Njewa




Your support to the project will be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Harry

(Founder and Coordinator of Container Gardening project in Malawi).


Published by

Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.