Portable Garden Vs. Apartment Gardening (Google / EzineMark)

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Another option for a home gardener wishing to grow food is the portable garden. Easy to erect and take down, the portable garden is easy to store in the shed, garage or basement when not needed. Portable garden is less costly than a traditional garden of a similar size. The portable garden is invaluable and affordable solution for temporary garden needs. Portable garden is very versatile depending on the size or shape; it can be moved around the garden, or set up a larger portable garden in a small corner.

The idea of a portable garden has actually been around as elongated as the idea of a basic garden. Portable garden is less complex than permanent ones. These gardens are fairly inexpensive, easy to set up, and provide protection from cooler night temperatures and early morning killing frosts. Many gardeners like to set the portable garden up in late summer and fill them with their container gardening endeavors.

An even smaller version of a portable garden could be called a mini garden. These minis are as diverse in style and design as their larger garden counterparts. Mini gardens are designed to hold just a few plants and can be put almost anywhere. A cold frame mini garden is a small box made of the same material that a normal garden is composed of. They can be a great choice for beginners looking to try their hand at organic gardening without a large initial investment.

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