The Best Homegarden Book (Marty WARE)

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The Best Homegarden Book for growing food at home!

A great educational book that has rave reviews!

The Book is called: Grow Vegetables: Gardens – Yards – Balconies – Roof Terraces
Right up our alley!
Check out the reviews below!

This review is from JRGC

This book is wonderful!!! This is my second year growing veggies and my first year with this book. I learned so much from this easy to read guide. The beginning general section taught me about crop rotation and sunlight and watering schedules.

The sections devoted to each type of vegetable are very informative and go into just enough detail to be really helpful bot no so much that it was over my head.
This is a great book for beginning veggie gardeners!!!

This Review is by Creative Soul “kksings”

Wow! What a great book! Large pictures on every page. Broken down in easy-to-find sections for each type of vegetable with brief, informative information (no latin names or scientific babble). This is for the beginner to expert with just the basics you need to grow veggies.

My main questions (that this book answered beautifully) was when a veggie is ready to harvest (describes perfectly) and also best planting/growing conditions for each plant. It also describes how to combat problems that can arise.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone who is interested in growing vegetables in a small/large garden or small balcony or simply in pots. This book will be a reference book for me for years and years to come.

I have provide a link to acces this book on my Homepage below. You will be able to find this link about one third down.
If you really want to get serious and grow great food at home simply then check this out today!

Happy Gardening Marty


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