Planting a Dwarf Avocado in a container (Marty WARE)

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Planting a Dwarf Avocado in a container is quite a simple process once you know how.  As with most transplanting the system remains the same.
Today I would like to show you a step by step process of doing this successfully.


  • 2-4 liters of water
  • Premium potting mix
  • A free flowing air container (pot) with extra drainage holes.  Large pots work better 60cm square (24″) or larger is preferred.
  • Soluble fertilizer – Seaweed extract
  • Slow release fertilizer
  1. Water the Dwarf Avocado tree thoroughly until all the soil is moist in the container. (reduces shock)
  2. Bang around the outside of the pot (container) to loosen the soil that has stuck to the pot.  This help the plant to slide out more easily.
  3. Fill the new container up to the height of one third.
  4. Keep your new premium potting mix close by, don’t wet it yet!
  5. Mix in to the new potting and some organic slow release fertilizer, Osmocote plus organics works well, but is not a certified organic fertilizer.  This fertilizer has water crystals that help store water in your potting mix profile.
  6. Turn the Dwarf Avocado tree on its side and hold the stork right at the base.  Then flip it upside down above the new container and expose the whole roots system (do this in the shade or on rainy and cool days)
  7. Tease the roots so they are poking out from the old potting mix.  This will help the roots not to strangle themselves in a circular motion and become root bound.
  8. Place the Dwarf Avocado into the new container and back fill with the new potting mix.
  9. Water in well until you see a solid stream of water coming through the container.
  10. Now water one more time with a liquid seaweed extract to reduce shock and speed up recovery time.
  11. Place the tree in the shade or morning sun for approximately a week then slowly introduce to the sun over time.  In cool spring time introduce straight to the full sun.
  12. Keep the soil moist but not wet.  Avocado suffer from root fungal disease if kept too wet so keep a good eye on that.
  13. If your tree came with a stake keep it staked up for at least 6 months to one.
  14. Find out more about Growing Avocado’s in containers here



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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.