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Easy Container Gardening: Can Planters

Turn trash into pretty, modern planters.

By Colleen Vanderlinden

I love finding things destined for the trash or recycling bin and turning them into something useful for my garden. Today, I’m looking at different ways to use different sizes of tin cans as planters.

Ideas for Using Cans as Planters

  • One of the simplest, prettiest ideas I’ve seen for growing on a wall or fence is to use large cans (such as those that hold ground coffee or cans that many restaurants use. These usually contain tomato sauce or vegetables.) I came across the idea first in Gayla Trail’s fabulous book, You Grow Girl! and was happy to track the project’s inventor down online, where she offers instructions for how to make your own hanging can garden.
  • Another great idea is to use standard size cans, such as those that soups and canned vegetables come in, as herb planters.
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Willem Van Cotthem

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