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Container Gardening

Container gardening is another great way to garden. It is easy, quick, and requires little time. This is a wonderful method of gardening for people that have little time, little space and little sun.

Containers can easily be moved around, so that they get the maximum amount of sun they can get. We have many areas in our yard that are shady, and I move my container plants each afternoon so they can get both the morning and afternoon sun.

There should be very few weeds if any since containers are off of the ground. This makes it harder to spray seeds into them as you mow your lawn, so it is a very low maintenance way to garden.

If you don’t have room for containers, but have sunny windows, you could even plant a few herbs in a window container. Plus, for those of you with no land, you can even container gardening inside.

I use leftover tree containers for my container gardening outside. I already have the containers from when I bought my fruit and nut trees, and I plant in these. If you live in a very sunny area though, you will want to be careful about using darker colored containers since they can get too hot. You can paint your container a lighter color or purchase lighter colored containers. I don’t have to worry about that at my house because there is so much shade. Tomato plants are what I typically plant in containers because they need so much sunlight. Since I live in a shady area, I like to be able to move my plants in the afternoon so that they can get more sunlight.

Two Tips for Container Gardening

There are two things to keep in mind when using container gardening.



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