Container gardening continues to be very popular (Google / Univ. Illinois Exrension)

2007-06-13 - Flowering strawberries in a plastic bottle (Photo WVC)


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Container Gardens

Container gardening continues to be very popular. Containers also add new dimension, emphasis, and interest to existing gardens. They extend gardens to windowsills, balconies, porches, or other small paved areas. Containers are a good alternative for those with limited garden space and time.

Anything can be used as a container. Terracotta is very popular right now and has many nice uses. More specifically, weathered terracotta brings higher prices at the garden shops. (Hint: Make your own weathered terracotta by painting pots with a solution of buttermilk or diluted plain yogurt.) Other traditional container materials include plastic, wood, concrete, metal, and ceramic.

Have fun with containers by using unusual items as plant containers. Anything that will hold soil and provide drainage can be used as a container. Examples might include boots, baskets, tins, kid’s toys, and so much more! Don’t overdo these though. Overuse of unusual containers leads to a gaudy, unattractive garden.



2009-12-30 - Preparing a juice bottle for container gardening by making 2 holes about 1 inch (2,5 cm) above the bottom (Photo WVC)
2009-12-30 - Bottom part of a plastic juice bottle with 2 perforations for drainage, keeping a small quantity of water at the bottom (Photo WVC)

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