Container gardening is a big trend right now, and here’s why (Google / Gilroy Patch)

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Hot Trend: Container Gardening

Planting in containers has plenty of benefits — it’s great if you have limited space or time, are elderly or disabled, or just don’t want to deal with gophers.

Is it summer yet? With these cooler-than-normal temperatures, it sure doesn’t seem like it. However, it is perfect weather for digging in the garden and for adding new plants.

One garden project you might want to contemplate is planting outside in containers — and this could be anything from large wooden boxes to hanging planters to glazed pots.

In fact, there’s a class in Gilroy you can take this Saturday on container gardening. Garden Accents in Gilroy will feature designer Astrid Gaiser, who will demonstrate “Using Containers for Tropical Gardens” from 10:30-11:30 a.m. To RSVP, call (408) 846-4555. See the website at for further details.

Container gardening is a big trend right now, and here’s why.

If you have a small yard or no yard at all, containers are a way to be able to garden in limited space. Even an apartment balcony can hold a few pots with green or flowering plants, or even zucchini and strawberries, if you want to try edibles.

The next situation that’s ideal for container gardening is for someone with little energy, time, or mobility. Taking care of a few containers of plants is far easier than tending a whole yard. If you have a busy life but still want to garden, it’s a way to still have some plants; it’s also a great activity for people who are elderly or disabled.



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