Container gardening also is the perfect solution for a number of things (Google / The Richmond Register)

2007-02 - Growing a lot of vegetables in plastic bottles on the windowsill of my office in Belgium. Container gardening in its simplest but efficient way. (Photo WVC)


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Bad weather? Limited space? Try container gardening

By Frank Kourt Register Correspondent

RICHMOND — Let’s face it. This has been something of a bad year for vegetable gardeners.

A very cold and very wet spring effectively has kept us out of our normal gardening places. A combination of factors — the lousy weather, a spring vacation away from home and an unexpected illness — forced us to forego our usual spring schedule of burning off last year’s dead plant material and tilling, fertilizing and planting.

Even fellow gardeners who have managed to get these things done report a disappointing outlook. Even though they got their tomato and other crops planted, they have been sitting there, stunted and subject to root rot because of unfavorable weather conditions.

What’s a home gardener to do?

Our solution, at least for this year, was to set up containers on our patio to grow the fresh tomatoes and peppers that we so love to cook with, which are so much tastier than the produce one can buy at the supermarket.

Container gardening also is the perfect solution for those with limited space. You can still enjoy the fresh produce that you love in a minimum of space. It also provides a respite from the constant weeding and cultivating that comes with “in-ground” gardening, making growing your own veggies virtually hassle-free.

Here’s how it’s done:



2011-02 - One can use plastic trays to grow seedlings of vegetable seeds. Put the tray in an ordinary plastic bag to create a mini-greenhouse (Photo WVC)

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Willem Van Cotthem

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