Container gardening to feel you happy (Google / YumaSun)


2011-02-04 - My disabled wife very interested when following my container gardening experiments; here an avocado sapling in a plastic bottle (Photo WVC)


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Rewards of gardening are many, including solitude


Going “green” by reducing, reusing and recycling waste helps our environment. Going “green” by planting a garden also helps. The National Garden Association states that household gardens are up 17 percent since 2009, and 42 million households have their own garden. That’s great news!

A few of the rewards gardening offers are organic vegetables that have a delicious taste, exercise to help maintain flexibility, stamina and burn calories, and the feeling of peace and happiness that comes from being outdoors.

Another benefit not often mentioned is the opportunity for solitude. William Penn once said: “True silence is rest for the mind and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body.”

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You don’t need a large garden to enjoy moments of solitude. Tending containers full of plants can be just as rejuvenating as tending a larger garden. As long as you can escape the turmoil and stress of everyday living, the size of your garden doesn’t matter.


2011-05-09 - Growing plants in all kinds of containers at home offers a lot of relaxing moments. Here I am growing cuttings of the Navajo willow (Salix matsudana var. Navajo) in a Coca-Cola bottle (Photo WVC)



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Willem Van Cotthem

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