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It is a real pleasure to gow seeds of the tomato tree (Cyphomandra betacea) in a simple tray covereed with an ordinary plastic bag to form a mini-green house (Photo WVC)
Seedlings are doing extremely well in this humid environmernt, water condensing quite easily on the plastic bag (Photo WVC)


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Your Own Patio ‘Look’: Multi-Plant Containers

Kathleen W. Ward
K-State Research & Extension N

TOPEKA, Kan. – Summertime stars for patio and porch are substantial containers, filled with lush, multi-plant foliage and floral displays.

“They look complicated and can be expensive to buy. But, even brown-thumbed gardeners can make an effective one of their own. Mixed-plant pots really are easy. And, they’re a creative way to develop a ‘look’ you like for the outdoor spaces where you spend time and entertain,” said Jamie Hancock, K-State Research and Extension horticulturist.

She recommends using large containers (18-24 inches or wider) because “keeping plants alive in smaller ones takes more work.” Hancock saves on large-pot costs by shopping at end-of-season and garage sales.

“Root rot can be a real problem for container plants. So, each pot must have a drainage hole or an inside liner with holes in it,” she said. “Be wary, though, about pots with permanently attached saucers. On a good-size container, emptying the overflow could be difficult or impossible. Your plants could still have wet feet.”



Seedlings of the tomato tree just before transplantation into yogurt pots : a treasure to make many friends happy. Can it simpler and cheaper ? (Photo WVC)


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