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Container Gardening and Facebook questions

June 14, 2011 — Monthly gardening tips with Jennifer Brennan. This month: Container Gardening and Facebook questions regarding plant care.

1. Rachael C. Allen
Any organic fertilizers you recommend?
Answer: My newest favorite is the Dr.Earth line, made with all organically based ingredients, based on fish bones, so the Calcium levels are incredibly high – excellent for tomatoes.

2. Rena Losik-Prengel
What do you do after the irises bloom and shrivel? Cut them or leave them alone?
Answer: I was sad about my own Irises. They went into flower the same week that we had that 85-90 degree weather and finished in just 5-7 days. It is best to cut the spent flowers off, so that energy goes back into the tubers. I at least got a nice photo when they were at the peak.

3. Ruth Upham
What can you do for carpet roses that the leaves are turning yellow and falling off?



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