Quick tricks to make pots work (Google / OregonLive)

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Dulcy Mahar: Quick tricks with containers help a busy gardener

By Dulcy Mahar, Special to The Oregonian

We are being deluged with books, magazines and classes dedicated to container gardening. No doubt part of the interest can be attributed to all the downsizing to condos, where the only garden space available is a balcony or small patio.

But plants in pots also are catching on in larger gardens, where in some cases they are used as art. A fabulous plant in a fabulous pot may not be cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than an original sculpture and can be very effective. I am not a particularly good container gardener. When you have a big garden to take care of, it’s hard to find the time to assemble a perfectly balanced garden within a container with the requisite spiky thing, surrounded by bushy things and anchored with some trailing thingies. So not having the patience to do all this, I have found some quick tricks to make pots work. Use substantial pots: (continued)


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