Rooftop farms and gardens (Google / MinnPost)

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Greening up: Rooftop farms and gardens flourish in the cities

By Elizabeth Millard, The Line

Compared to the meadow and prairie wildflower plot nearby, the organic vegetable garden is neatly organized, and bees make their way through all of it, buzzing from a woodland garden to unmowed grass. Although it sounds like a rural scene, there’s a catch: This setup is a few stories off the ground, on the roof of Fire Stations 1 and 10 in St. Paul.

The green roof is now in its second year, located at West 7th and Randolph, and the 8,000-square-foot space keeps the firehouses cool in the summer and warm in the winter, according to Steve Zaccard, the city’s fire marshal and public information officer. A small vegetable garden is tended by the firefighters, who use the produce for their meals.



2005-12 : Roof garden of the Economic Daily, Beijing, China (Photo ZHANG Wanjia)

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