Old firefighter’s gear repurposed as plant containers (Google / Quad City Times)

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Fireman gear sprouts plants

Alma Gaul |

Photo : Nick Muro’s old firefighter’s gear was repurposed as plant containers.


Linda had an idea that the display would be eye-catching because last year she filled a boot with plants and sold it as a fundraiser for the Moline Horticultural Club where it generated a lot of interest.

She didn’t think just the boot by itself would be enough for the fair competition, though, so they added the other pieces.

Their second-place entry was a miniature garden with a desert theme.

Why the desert for a Midwestern couple? The Muros winter in New Mexico and have come to love to drier landscape. They created the garden in an antique box that Nick attached handles to so that it could be carried.

The scene included a corral and hacienda. An outstanding quality about their display is that they did not go to a miniatures shop and buy out the shelves; rather, they made everything themselves from scratch with balsa wood or by repurposing objects they had around their home.


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