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How to Create Container Gardens

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at gardening, but thought you needed acres of land or even a backyard to have a successful garden you might wish to consider container gardening. The benefits of this versatile, adaptable form of gardening are plentiful. The following are some how-to tips and techniques for container gardening

The benefits of container gardening

Container gardening affords the novice gardener the opportunity to try their hand at growing flowers, herbs, vegetables and even trees without the usual commitment and work of a full-scale gardening plot. Growing plants in pots eliminates the need to turn the soil either manually or with a rotary tiller and drastically cuts down on weeding. These miniature gardens take up far less space than their traditional backyard counterparts. Container gardens are also excellent options for those with limited mobility.

The beauty of container gardening is having the ability to move your garden to different locations. Whether you wish to grow an herb garden on your window sill or like the colorful look of containers placed strategically on your patio or in your yard, moving your plants to follow the sun or shade becomes possible with containers.

Choosing your containers



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