Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers growing in Containers (Google / Hubpages)

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Container Gardening – Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers


By Dawn Marcotte

Container Gardening Tips

Tomatoes are easy to grow in a container

Cherry tomatoes may need to be staked when grown in a container.

Container gardening is the method of using flower pots and other containers to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. This method is particularly useful for those who want to grow vegetables such as tomatoes, herbs or climbing flowers. Plants are easy to grow provided the container is the right size, there is enough sunlight and the plant is properly watered and fed.

Growing Tomatoes in a Container

Tomatoes can grow as either a bush or vine, depending on the variety. If no trellis or other vertical surface is available, choose a bush variety. This information is usually listed on the seed packet or with the seedling at the nursery. If possible get a variety of patio tomato that is designed specifically to grow in a container environment. Use a large container such as a 5 gallon bucket for a bush tomato. Make sure the container has holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out.



2011-08 : Vegetables, herbs and tree cuttings growing in vertical towers of containers : plastic bottles and pots. From right to left : lettuce, Aloë vera, sweet pepper, spekboom (Portulacaria afra) and Moroccon mint (Mentha spicata) - (Photo WVC)

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