Vertical gardens, inside and outside, proliferate (Google / Dallas Morning News)

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The latest word in gardens is vertical


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Vertical gardens, inside and outside, proliferate in New York and San Francisco but not so much in Highland Park , Oak Cliff and Plano. Some book publishers already have glommed on to the trend that people who monitor such things agree was launched by Frenchman Patrick Blanc.

Book titles with the words “vertical” and “vines” and “up” in the subtitles, however, are not books featuring cutting-edge examples. Vertical gardens in the freshest sense require newly invented hardware that mounts on a wall, a means of systemic irrigation that protects that wall and recently honed methodology that, combined, allow plants planted cheek by jowl to prosper, fill out and fill in. A lush wall of foliage in varying greens, blues, grays and even reds, purples and oranges is the intended result — a spectacle that wows.



2011-07 : My friend Gilbert VAN DAMME (Zaffelare, Belgium) admiring the first results of our vertical gardening experiment in "towers" of plastic bottles (Photo WVC)

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