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I do extreme container gardening. I haven’t counted how many containers
I’ve got going this summer, but trust me, there are a lot. I’m also pretty
cheap – that combined with a penchant for interesting containers and a
desire to push the …

Ideas for Cheap or Free Containers

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I’m a total cheapskate. The combination of that and a love for recycling and re-purposing has led to my obsession with finding container garden ideas that can be done on the cheap. Here are some of my favorites.

Juice Box Container Garden

When my kids were little, we always had a lot of juice boxes lying around. Now I have to get them from the neighbors’ kids. They make great containers, though they are small so will need lots of attention so they don’t dry out.

You can even use juice boxes for starting seeds.

Cut holes in the bottom for drainage and then put a piece of plastic screening, coffee filter or paper towel over the hole. This keeps the soil in while letting water out.

Growing small herbs, or flowering annuals works well.

Resuable Grocery Bag Garden

Video – Herb Garden in a Reusable Grocery Bag

Clementine Orange Box Container

Crocks Shoes Containers

Trash Can Container

Kiddie Pool Raised Bed

Colander Garden

Hanging Flower Bag

Old Baskets


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