Even children can enjoy raising their own pumpkin patch (Gardening Tips’n Ideas)

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What is our fascination with the pumpkin? Perhaps it is the sign that autumn (fall) is coming. The pumpkin has been used all over the world for several things. The most common reason for planting pumpkins in America is to make pumpkin pie. Of course, a child might say they are for jack-o-lanterns. Other than pie, there are several other uses for pumpkins such as soup, cake and candies.

Some people debate about pumpkins; are they a vegetable or fruit? Actually a pumpkin is a fruit that belongs to the squash family. They have seeds that are ripened from the ovary of a flower; which makes it technically a fruit. This is similar to the argument had by those for tomatoes and cucumbers.

If someone wants to try planting pumpkins, it takes a certain process. Fortunately, it is not difficult and even children can enjoy raising their own pumpkin patch.

Finding The Perfect Pumpkin Planting Spot




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