Bottle and pot tower gardening (Ibagué Greenbelt / Willem Van Cotthem)

A nice photo from Ibagué Greenbelt (Bangalore/India) :

2011-09-01 - A boy of the public school is recycling plastic bottles to build bottle towers for vertical gardening in Bangalore/India - (Photo Ibagué Greenbelt)

It’s nice to see a young boy preparing bottles for vertical gardening, following the method I have developed with my friend Gilbert VAN DAMME (Zaffelare/Belgium).  Here are some photos showing how to start “bottle tower gardening” :

Bottle tower gardening : Gilbert VAN DAMME building towers of recycled plastic bottles (Photo WVC)
Bottle tower gardening : Willem Van Cotthem satisfied with the first results (Photo WVC)
Pot tower gardening : Gilbert VAN DAMME building towers of plastic pots (Photo WVC)
Pot tower gardening : planting a seedling of bell pepper through an opening in the pot's sidewall (Photo WVC)
Bottle and pot tower gardening : towers planted with Moroccan mint, spekboom, bell pepper, Aloë vera and lettuce (Photo WVC)
Bottle and pot tower gardening : the same towers a couple of weeks later : Aloë vera, Navajo willow, Moroccan mint, spekboom cuttings, bell pepper, Aloë vera, lettuce (Photo WVC)
Wouldn't you be happy with such a remarkable success : fresh food ready for consumption in one month, only with a minimum of water ? The start of worldwide application of this method ? That young boy in Bangalore clearly got the message !(Photo WVC)

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