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Proper soil mix helps plants grow in containers

By Beverly Wickersham
Special to the Daily Herald

This is the second article of a two-part series on container gardening. Last week we covered the selection of suitable pots. Soil mix, fertilizer, and watering are the next topics for discussion.

For container gardening the soil mix should be fairly lightweight and porous. A good brand of potting soil works well. Remember to fertilize plants with a water-soluble fertilizer every two to three weeks. Check soil dryness daily and water as needed. Depending on the location of the plant, the pot’s size and its material, every day watering may be required. A layer of pine bark mulch or cedar mulch on top of the planting mix will aid in water retention Most of my plants are located on the north back porch and receive direct sunlight only in the afternoon.

They are all in unglazed clay pots. I usually water every other day. The early morning hours or late evening is the best time to water.

Here is a short list of the plants well suited for container gardening in the area, according to John W. Jett, extension specialist-horticulture, West Virginia Extension Service:




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